This page is for keeping track of all the different gods in the DnD-X universe.

Lore Edit

Back in the Wild Ages, magic was free and chaotic. Anyone could access incredible power through the teachings of spells and enchantments. It was believed that a certain Magical Wheel was the source of the magic of the world. One day, the wheel was destroyed by an unknown force, and all magic disappeared.

40 years of madness took place, later referred to as "the Dark Ages". People who used to be powerful wizards now were weaker than commonfolk, structures held in place by magic fell apart, and kingdoms using magic as a form of communicating with it`s borders lost control and went under.

40 years after the beginning of the Dark Age, Titan, God of Reality, created a new Magical Wheel. He then gave godly power to 6 original gods, Tyr, Shiba, Tellus, Lyria, Triador and Leif. These gods each received their own pantheon, where they were allowed by Titan to choose 5 gods to join. These 6 Pantheons each received their own space pictured in the new Magical Wheel.

The 6 gods were told that many other gods will appear, and that every sentient being would connect themselves to a god. The 6 gods that have the most followers will remain the right to have a pantheon. Finally, Titan gave the Magical Wheel the ability to grant the right to create magic for the gods on the wheel, which the gods spread upon the earth, creating the second magical age.

There are thousands of different gods that could potentially could earn their place upon the Magical Wheel.

Pantheons Edit

Tyr, Godess of Air

  1. Uror, God of Thoughts
  2. Frorr, God of the Weather
  3. Taxi, God of Travels
  4. Panumbra, God of Shadows
  5. Brotiene, Godess of Sound

Kage, God of Darkness

  1. Trygg, God of the Underworld
  2. Surumar, God of Illusions
  3. Rim, God of Games
  4. Torbjörn, God of War
  5. Jafir, God of Trade

Tellus, God of Earth

  1. Pico, Plant Godess
  2. Shikimaru, Gas God
  3. Malfurion, God of Beasts
  4. Gryll, God of the Hunt
  5. Pixel, God of the Crop

Lyria, Godess of Fire

  1. Raijin, the God of Thunder
  2. Drima, Godess of Explosions
  3. Astolfo, God of Traps
  4. Pingler, Führer of Penguins
  5. Fribbl, God of Spark

Rima, Godess of Light

  1. Tyrobor, God of Healing
  2. Eros, the God of Heroes
  3. Fenrik, God of Love
  4. Sol, the Sun
  5. Clooney, God of Gravity

Triador, God of Water

  1. Ice, God of Ice
  2. Ness, Godess of Locks
  3. Tyrior, God of Wine
  4. Rumorn, God of the Sea
  5. Leif, God of Life

Lesser Gods Edit

Luna, Godess of the Moon

Shiba, Godess of Death

Falo, God of Snow

Knuckled, God of The Way